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Handy Point

Apr 29, 2020

There is a little traction growing for hub base football in 2020, find out what the boys think. Also catch up on the latest news (players breaching isolation measures and rating the draft age etc).

Apr 22, 2020

Isolation continues and James, Brendan and Henry check their optimism levels, work out what's wrong with kids today and discuss iso house options.

Apr 15, 2020

Another week of no AFL and so the boys talk about the latest rumblings in the AFL news and look at a couple of worst 5s.

Apr 7, 2020

It's week whatever of not having football so the boys turn their attention to the 5 best players since 2000 and the possibility of NRL Island.

Apr 1, 2020

As the reality of the non-playing weeks of this year's AFL season take hold James (Tom Selleck), Brendawg (Steve Guttenburg) and Henry (Ted Danson) come to grips with talking about football, when there's no football.