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Handy Point

Jun 26, 2018

Another round down and this week James, Jeremy and Nathan look at the Jeremy Cameron suspension, the bizarre events at Adelaide, dip into Thermo-Nuclear-Multiple-Choice-War and explore some possible hidden agendas for the inevitable rules changes.

Jun 19, 2018

This week James, Jeremy and John talk about a few sides in "crisis mode", inevitable rule changes and plunder international markets in a cynical recruitment session for the Cinnamon Bears.

Jun 13, 2018

James, Mikey and John dip into the week's news in AFL. A round of average matches is underpinned by shed-loads off "state of the game" discussion. Hear the boys unpack the proposed zoning rules, the state of the game on the Gold Coast and how Damian Barrett wants to improve the game for "the fans".

Jun 7, 2018

A few technical difficulties means this week's episode is presented in a super sexy highlights style format. James, Jeremy and CJ talk Fyfe's suspension, the power of the mind and have a chat with Umpire Bias Man and Travel Factor Guy.